I am constantly proposed with business ideas by well-meaning strangers/acquaintances/friends, but either they quickly become busy/unmotivated or often the supposition is that I would do all the heavy lifting. If you are interested in a project, and are motivated - then I’m absolutely willing to do my part. If you would just like to learn or be pointed in the right direction on a project - then I will equally be happy to provide you with one. Below is a list project ideas. Email me about one if you’re interested.

  1. A Humble Proposal (Satirical Essay). Designer babies. “Dedicated to my dear friend Jonathan Swift, may your youthful hunger for knowledge be insatiable.” In the devil’s-advocate-dry-sarcastic tone that follows the style of the essay “A Modest Proposal,” it describes why I the author am most fit for survival and should mass perpetuate my genes through the sale of my formula (Think Stephen Colbert’s Formula 401). Explores concepts such as mixed race hybridization, poverty, genetic engineering, and future technology.

  2. Ghetto Command: Strategy board game. Send out taggers to claim territory, crews to make money, pimps to make extra, warrior class, buy weapons, rappers = notoriety

  3. The American Prince - book about properly managing a corporate empire in America - a homage to The Prince.

  4. Plant Evolution Game - Start as a bud, use sunlight and water to create new structures within your plant, fight off environmental factors/bugs/animals via robust design.

  5. This site

  6. Finance app - quickly calculates loans based on monthly payment/length/interest/total price, strategulator

  7. Finance monte carlo simulations to predict retirement funding probability

  8. Bible Alarm App

  9. MLS Tycoon Real Estate Game

  10. 3D bra sizing app (70%+ of women wear the wrong size)

  11. Buy apocalypse-proof land to form a community, and build a fortress

  12. Tribal Warfare Africa or Americas Game

  13. A Simple Typing Game

  14. Higher lower game with shapes. possibly with changing value based on a timed stack of high valued shapes at the top. Colorful and vibrant like other silly games of that sparkly sort.

  15. Dreamboard website concept- post dreams up like a pinterest board but with direction.

  16. Phone Text Game - a game about texting girls

  17. Ninja Pirate River - ninja preys upon pirates, getting ever stronger and bloodthirsty

  18. Sound Game: space invaders, submarine warfare, or create different units based on button hold - you sense them via sound. Playable by the blind.

  19. The Most Dangerous Game: Play as humans outsmarting hunters using the environment. build tools/shelter etc using environment. Maybe chain two people together like that Pirates of Dark Water episode...

  20. Generate a digital rap group consisting of seven personalities of someone with split personality disorder. I’ve got the lyrics, if you’ve got the beat!