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The objective of this site is the achievement of dreams. Whose Dreams? Your Dreams. The focus will first be general methodology that will help a wide audience overcome the barriers preventing them from attaining their goals. In particular articles/tools will discuss subjects such as: finances, productivity, psychology, goal use cases, social barriers, and personal musings relating to actual dreaming. This project will be considered successful if by reading some gems of knowledge a single person is empowered to accomplish their goals. I might even interview a few dreamers to reveal their unique journey, and what they are doing to progress forward. Regardless, my wild perspective will provide some minimal entertainment... I will also provide unbiased politcal categorization of the news, and review whatever floats my boat (Hint: my boat is very bouyant).

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Send me some feedback! Especially if it is negative. If you disagree with me it could mean that I did a bad job of presenting evidence, or I overlooked a critical detail. Send ideas or check out my projects page if you want to work on something awesome




Fair, and balanced! Reporting on world events quickly becomes biased by corporate interests or individuals that cannot see both sides of an argument. There is no way to entirely remove one's own perspective from articles written or preffered sources. The only way to combat this is by providing news from various sources categorized by political leaning. I will do so in the plain no-frills Drudgereportian style that users prefer.


Slumbering deep within your chrysalis your thoughts flutter with the thought of your final butterfly form. Will your wing tips be gold, and your wingspan long? I dare you to concentrate your stored up energy to fulfill the full image of this dream. Wiggle. Struggle. Emerge.



Unlike News, a review of a product should be extremely biased. People are interested in an author's unique perspective. If Author likes X/hates Y I can gauge how to value their perspective when they discuss Z. Although, I will mention my biases in the About Section. I aim for honesty.