About Blastodox:

In Greek Blast- is to bud or germanate, and -dox is a belief or ideology. Thus together the meaning, I imaginatively derive, is a growing belief that is springing forth. A belief in yourself. That you can overcome. That you can emerge from your dream chrysalis to fulfill your destiny. Or perhaps an even greater destiny will emerge. You will awaken to crack open the pupa, and attempt to stretch your wings to only suddenly realize you are a colorful tiger rather than a mere butterfly. This website serves to guide you on your journey. To be discussed are specific methodologies that will aid you on your path such as finances, social skills, planning, and positive psychology. Above all the hats that I wear, I come from the perspective of a strategist. In the ideal form of this art one should be tactically genius, but creatively insane to think outside your opponent's box of prepared possibilities. While writing with candor, I will commit to an analytical approach to achieving goals that is entwined with the spicy magic of an insatiable imagination. Utilitarianism will be placed above idealism. This site will also be a place to post about my general interests as in the news, create reviews, and link to other projects that I’d like to start. *Note that I’m not a fan of front-end web development, and when given the option I do not care if things look wonky in IE as this is a personal project. Also if you become confused by my cacophonous ramblings, assume that I’m joking 15% of the time. Read with the accent of the Winnie the Pooh narrator.

About the Author:

Jonathan K. Davis, a programmer by trade, is a Christian who avidly believes in The American Dream. He is interested in all fields relating to strategy. A partial list includes: investing, fantasy football, board/video games, dating, data science, politics, history of warfare, and entrepeneurship.

He also listens to Gangster Rap.

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